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Designed specifically for the custom or small commercial poultry processor.

FIRST MAJOR SMALL PLANT DEVELOPMENT IN 15 YEARS! The all new Pickwick and Knase Company Inc. "Econo System" is the first full line of equipment to offer semi-automatic production at an affordable cost. Each component has been USDA-Approved, and is built of stainless steel for years of trouble-free operation.

Here's how it works. First, the operator removes the birds from their coops and hangs them on the SH5 Multiple-Bird Shackle positioned at the entrance to the KTCS Killing Cabinet. There, he or she sticks all 5 and releases the shackle into the KTCS where the birds bleed out. Up to 15 birds (3 full shackles) may be held in the Killing Cabinet at one time.

After bleeding, the operator transfers the shackle to the AD Dunkmaster and pushes the start button. This starts the "dunking" motion that repeatedly dips all five birds in and out of the AS-60 Scalder. Each time the birds rise up their feathers spread, permitting the scald water to penetrate to the skin for fast, effective results. Typically this operation takes less than 30 seconds. When finished the birds are kept warm in the steam arising from the scalder.

While one load is scalding, the operator releases the previous load from the shackle into the SPJ Spin-Pik for picking. About 20 seconds later the SPJ door opens and the finished birds are ejected onto the receiving table. They will be virtually pin-free, ready for chilling and evisceration on the ET-4 Eviscerating Table.

The Multiple-Bird Shackle alone saves 80% of the handling required with "rotary' scalder systems, and the equipment operates nearly three times faster! Four people may operate the system efficiently and clean about 75-100 birds an hour.

At a maximum speed of 400-500 birds an hour approximately 15 people would be required, and we recommend replacing the manual ET4 Eviscerating Table with the optional EVO16 Evisc-O-Veyor.

Initially, a plant may choose to slaughter in the morning for 2-3 hours with 3 people, and then bring in a fourth to help eviscerate in the afternoon. This will result in an output of 600 or more birds per day (depending on scald and operator efficiency), and may be increased by adding people.

Each "Econo System" unit features heavy-duty components, built of stainless steel for low maintenance and easy cleaning. Its individual units are compact and may be easily moved for clean-up, or even storage, if the area is needed for other use. There is no installation cost other than for utilities, which may simply be an electric drop cord and water hoses.

Smart operators know that the keys to profit are low fixed costs, efficiency, and flexibility to meet changing demand. The Econo System offers all these benefits and more because it's from Picwick and Knase Company Inc. - the name you can trust.


The ECONO SYSTEM machines are available individually, or in either of two packages:

  • ECONO SYSTEM I for up to 300 birds an hour
  • ECONO SYSTEM II with EVO-16 Evisc-O-Veyor for up to 500 birds an hour

SH-5 Multiple Bird Shackle

SH-5 Multiple Bird ShackleSlash your handling time and effort up to 80% with this exclusive Pickwick and Knase feature! The SH5 carries 5 broilers or capons through the killing, bleeding and scalding operations - no individual handling is necessary. The birds are held securely in position to make your work efficient and trouble-free. The SH5's spring wire clips are adjustable to maintain the proper tension, and are easily replaced when they eventually wear out. 24" W (62.5 cm), 4 lbs (1.8 kg).

SH5 SHACKLE, 5 Bird (Chickens), KTCS Cabinet & AD Dunkmaster $178.00

KTCS Killing Cabinet

KTCS Killing CabinetDesigned for bleeding up to 15 chickens (3 full SH5 Shackles)at a time. An empty Shackle is placed at the entrance to the KTCS and loaded with five birds straight from the coop. They are stuck with the S128 Sticking Knife or the SKVS Electric Knife and dropped back into the KTCS to bleed. A water spray may be used either continuously to wash the blood away or intermittently for cleaning if you wish to trap the blood for resale. When the birds have bled out the Shackle is used to transport them to Scalding. 36" W x 60" L x 52" H (91 cm x 152 cm x 132 cm); 100 lbs (45 kg).


AD Dunkmaster

AD DunkmasterAn air-operated, all stainless compact version of Pickwick and Knase Company's famous Dunkmaster that mounts on top of the AS Scalder. The AD will scald 5 broilers in 20 seconds at 145 deg F (63 deg C). Its unique plunging action insures a thorough, penetrating scald without the hit or miss problems of the rotary and basket methods. Dunking speed and cycle length are both adjustable for any birds, from quail to turkeys, ducks or geese. The AD requires 120 psi air pressure from a source rated 2.3-4 acfm at 70 psi (.07-.11M3/m at 4.8 bar) such as a 3/4 or 1 hp air compressor. 41" W x 20" D x 43" H (104 cm x 51 cm x 110 cm); 86 lbs (39 kg).

AD* AD DUNKMASTER for AS60 SCALDER Models, Air-Powered, Holds 1 SH5 $5,083.00

AS-60 Gas-Fired Scalder

AS-60 Gas-Fired ScalderThe secret to successful picking is a thorough scald, and the stainless steel AS-60 will give you that every time. Available for either propane or natural gas it features an automatic thermostat control, 2" (5 cm) overflow with a fresh water inlet help keep the water clean, and a deep V-bottom with large sanitary drain to make clean-up fast and easy. Top it off with the AD Dunkmaster and your scalding operation becomes fully automatic and practically effortless (note: The AS-60 must be ventilated to the outside). 49" W x 20" D x 40" H (125 cm x 51 cm x 102 cm); 208 lbs (94 kg).

AS60* AS60 SCALDER (LP or Natural Gas) - 60 gal, S/S, Automatic Controls $ 5,885.00

SPJ3 Spin-Pik Picker

SPJ3 Spin-Pik PickerThe SPJ3 will pick up to 5 chickens, (or equivalent in pheasants, ducks, geese, or turkeys) pin-free in seconds. Its intense but gentle defeathering power is due to 181 "Velvet-Touch" commercial fingers and a patented flat-disk centrifugal tumbling action. There are no belts to slip and wear; the heavy-duty gear reduction drive is directly coupled to a 1 hp (110/220v, 1 ph, 60 hz) totally-enclosed fan-cooled motor. All models have an unloading door. 96" W x 35" D x 46" H with tables (379 cm x 89 cm x 181 cm); 275 lbs (125 kg) Crate 40" x 40" x 48". Automatic Controls to control the door and water.

SPJ3* SPIN-PIK JR. Batch Picker, 1hp, 120v, 1ph, 60hz $ 8,854.00
with Automatic Controls, Loading & Receiving Tables

SPJ3-NT* SPIN-PIK JR. Batch Picker, 1hp, 120v, 1ph, 60hz $ 7,854.00
with Automatic Controls - NO Loading & Receiving Tables

SPJ3/T* TABLES ONLY for the SPJ3 SPIN-PIK (If Ordered Separately) $ 2,000.00

TP2 Spin-Pik Turkey/Suckling Pig Picker

TP2 Spin-Pik Turkey/Suckling Pig PickerFor turkeys and waterfowl, Pickwick and Knase offers the new TP2. This machine has all the design features of the SPJ3 except its larger 36" tub diameter permits the birds to roll more freely, and it is powered by a heftier motor and gearbox for heavier loads. The TP2 is a logical replacement for the famous Pickwick JS-2A Spin-Pik of the 1950's. Like the JS-2A, it will pick 10-15 broilers or 2-3 larger tom turkeys per cycle, and it can even dehair 2-3 suckling pigs of up to 20 lbs at a time. The TP2 is powered with a 2 hp (110/120v, 1 ph, 60 hz) helical gearmotor and measures 102"W x 41"D x 50"H

TP2* SPIN-PIK TURKEY PICKER, 2hp, 220v, 1ph, 60hz $11,867.00
with Automatic Controls, Loading & Receiving Tables (PC4/06)

ET4 Eviscerating Table

ET4 Eviscerating TableA production table providing all the accessories to make eviscerating fast and efficient for up to 4 operators at low or medium volumes; for maximum performance, see the Evisc-O-Veyor. The ET4 features 2 large disposal holes for offal, 2 high-rise adjustable mist spray nozzles, and a protected drain. Each table also includes 2 TF Lung Removers complete with valves and 5 ft hoses to loosen waste matter and flush it out with water, but best serves as an island with access on all sides. 59" W x 45" D x 38" (150 cm x 107 cm x 97 cm); 200 lbs (90 kg).

ET4* EVISCERATING TABLE for 4-6 Operators $3,227.00


Evisc-O-VeyorYou needn't be big to be efficient... just smart. And one of the smartest moves you can make is to eviscerate on a Pickwick and Knase Evisc-O-Veyor. The reduced labor and improved efficiency it brings will drop more dollars to your bottom line!

An Evisc-O-Veyor (EVO) offers several advantages over table Evisceration. It brings the birds to your operators straight from the picker, with no more lifting or carrying. It allows specialization so each operator need learn only a few steps of the process. Last but most important, an EVO allows you to set the pace of the work from zero to over twenty feet a minute. You may vary the speed as necessary for different quantities, bird types, and number of personel.

This compact, low cost system combines several attractive features into one convenient package. The power conveyor is a two foot wide x 16 foot oval with heavy-duty plated track, lubrication-free trolleys, drop chains, and stainless steel combination shackles for chickens, turkeys or rabbits.

Underneath the track is an eight foot x 30 inch stainless steel water-flushed trough. A Center Splash Panel and Trough Extensions enable operators to work across from each other without interference. Two Type F Flushing Lung Removers with 5 ft Hose and Valve Assemblies are built in, as is a stainless steel Giblet Table with gooseneck water spray for cleaning gizzards.

The EVO may be hung with threaded rod supports either from your ceiling or the optional EVS Floor Standard. The conveyor drive system is 110 v, 60 hz, single phase with other ratings available. An overhead water manifold supplies the entire system, so plumbing expense is minimal.

The EVO is designed to handle up to 500 broilers or 150 turkeys an hour with room for 10-12 operator stations. It includes 34 feet of conveyor with 16 feet over the trough, and occupies only 3 ft x 16 ft (1m x 5m) of floor space plus the operator's work area. As your business grows it may be expanded by simply adding straight or curved track and troughs as required to a maximum of 100 ft of conveyor track.

EVO16* EVISC-O-VEYOR Powered Conveyor, 110V 60HZ 16' Over all length. For pricing, please call.