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Accessories and supplies for efficient and easy processing.


Knase Co, cultery S-128 Sticking Knife permits killing without severing the neck for faster bleeding and cleaner picking. Double edged 5/6" x 3-1/2" blade.

S128 KNIFE, Double-Edged Sticking Knife $ 15.00

Knase Co, cultery S-130 Pinning Knife removes the most stubborn pin feathers - easier on your hands. Has 3/4" x 2-1/2" scraping blade with thumb guard.

S130 KNIFE, Pinning Knife $ 13.00

Boning Knives

These knives were designed for themeat and poultry industry. The ergonomic handles provide a comfortable slip-resistant grip. Stain-free high-carbon steel blades are hard enough to hold an edge yet easy to sharpen. Beef and Lamb skinning knives also available.

Knase Co, boning knives S-132 Boning Knife Remover combines a stainless 3" Blade, Han 46240 Sharp Point Boning Knife.

S132 KNIFE, 3" Sharp Point Boning Knife $ 13.00

Knase Co, Boning Knives S-134 Utility/Boning Knife interior washing. Give your sore 4" Blade, Han 46242 Utility/Boning Knife.

S134 KNIFE, 4" Utility/Boning Knife $ 14.00

Knase Co, Boning Knives S-136 Boning Knife 5" Blade, Han 46243 Wide Stiff Boning Knife.

S136 KNIFE, 5" Wide Stiff Boning Knife $ 15.00

Knase Co, Boning Knives S-138 Utility/Boning Knife 6" Blade, Han 46244 Utility/Boning Knife.

S138 KNIFE, 6" Utility/Boner Knife $ 16.00

Knase Co, Boning Knives S-140 7" STAINLESS STEEL CLEAVER, DEX-19283 This all-purpose NSF cleaver is made from quality stain-free, high carbon steel with a high-impact polypropylene slip-resistant handle.

S140 CLEAVER, 7" Stainless Steel $ 55.00

5th Rubber Fingers

Knase Co, Rubber Fingers Knase Co, Rubber Fingers Pickwick patented Velvet Touch Fingers are scientifically designed to provide an intense defeathering action but are so gentle they don't tear or bark the skin. The 5TH picks all types of birds and fits all Pickwick and Knase pickers (and those of our competitors with a 3/4" insertion hole); it is 3-5/8" long. Keep a few on hand!

P3019-000RUBBER FINGERS, #F5TH, Each$ 1.10 Each

Lung Removers

Knase Co, Lung Remover The Type D has two stainless steel combs, large and small, for all birds. No more sore hands and fingers with this professional tool!

TD LUNG REMOVER for Large & Small Birds $ 50.00

TF Flushing-Type Lung Removers

Knase Co, Lung Remover TF Flushing-Type Lung Remover combines a stainless steel comb scraper with a powerful waterjet to both loosen and flush away lungs and other matter from the body cavity. It includes a 5' Hose and Valve Assembly with a spray orifice for both exterior and interior washing. Give your sore fingers a break, and order one today!

TF LUNG REMOVER, Flushing Type, with Hose, Valve, Scraper $ 90.00

Killing Cones

Knase Co, Killing Cones These stainless steel funnels simplify killing and clean-up by restraining the bird during bleeding in a low-volume operation; see the KTCS Killing Cabinet and SH5 Shackles for higher volumes at more efficiency. Three sizes are available (D71 for game birds- 11" long x7" wide at top, D72 for broilers - 15" long x 10" wide at top, D73 for small capons, etc - 21" long x 11" wide at top); order a few of each!

D71KILLING CONE, Small for Game Birds $ 35.00
D72KILLING CONE, Medium for Broilers $ 41.00
D73KILLING CONE, Large for Capons & Small Turkeys $ 49.00

BCC-100 Poultry and Meat Cutter

Knase Co, Poultry and Meat Cutter Cut chicken, turkey, duck, fish, and rabbit all day with the Biro BCC-100 Poultry Cutter. The special 9 cutting blade lets you cut pieces accurately while providing minimal tearing of the skin. You achieve almost no cutting loss and almost no product shrink. Since the blade is designed to slice instead of tear product tissue, your shelf life is maximized.

The 3/4 horsepower motor ensures that you have all of the power you need, and the machine design lets you cut for maximum productivity. The BCC-100 is designed for easy wash down and good sanitation. Left hand design machines are available if your product flow requires it.

BCC-100 Poultry cutter, $ 2,441.00

SKVS Electric Stunning Knife

Knase Co, Electric Stunning Knife Required in some states, an SKVS should be your first investment when it's time to improve your slaughtering efficiency. With the SKVS a controlled voltage shock is delivered to birds (or rabbits) the instant before sticking. This immediately stops their struggle, preventing broken bones and bruised bodies. Heart action is speeded up to actually pump the blood out so bleeding is faster and more thorough, too. Even clean-up is made easier.

Operation of the SKVS Knife is so simple and safe that even the beginner can use it efficiently in just a few minutes. One of the four available settings will stun nearly any bird, but when the operator removes his thumb the knife is absolutely dead. A specially designed tranformer with ground shielded windings provides full protection at all times.

Each unit comes complete with large metal control cabinet, heavy-duty power and knife cords, a safety knife assembly, and complete instructions. Installation is quite simple. All you need is a source of 110 v, 1 hp power and a metal grounded support (such as a Knase shackle) from which to hang the bird. The SKVS Knife reduces handling labor and permits stacking the birds in the KTCS Killing Cabinet or Tunnel. It is required for any Pickwick and Knase System that is to be run at full capacity, recommended whenever turkeys are to be processed, and will prove to be very helpful in any plant.

SKVS* SKVS ELECTRIC STUNNING KNIFE, Variable Settings, Insulated Glove, 110v/60hz $ 2,150.00

Max Packner HR-PS Poly Bag Stapler

Knase Co, Poly Bag Sealer Manual Poly Bag Sealer

The Salco Max Packners offer easy and rapid sealing of poly and net bags, rederring them ideal for packaging meats, fish, ice and produce. Best of all, since these tools do not come into direct contact with foodstuffs and are not foods, drug, medical devices or cosmetics, they are not covered by the statutes enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Simply place the top of the bag in the slot in the sealer head, and then pull down the handle. The bag is sealed water tight using an aluminum clip with a rounded end to prevent damage to bags or netting. When the sealed, the bag is removed from the clipper head, the excess material at the top of the bag a can be trimmed using the razor sharp cutter in the sealer head. This produces a clean looking bag and also reduces the area for harmful bacteria to grow. The Max Packner is constructed of stainless steel, aluminum and plastic to provide along life. There are two staple sizes for large and small bags. The Max Packner staple magazine holds 150 staples. When used with a round bottom "shrink bag" you will provide your customers with a sanitary, attractive and durable package, resistant to "scuff" holes in your customer's freezer.


  • Manufactured entirely from stainless steel, aluminum and plastic.
  • Both models will hermetically seal poly bags.
  • Manual Packner loads 150 staples.
  • Rounded ends of staples prevent damage to bags or netting.


Weight: 13 lbs. 4 oz.
Length: 61-5/16"
Height: 25"
Width: 6-3/8"
Staple Load: 150
Staples: 711-VO-AR 7/16" & 713-VO-AR 9/16"

90107* STAPLER-MAX PACKNER, Poly Bag Sealer $ 650.00